Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tonight's question is : What is my purpose?

HA! Well a better question would be: What is the purpose of the previous question? That isn't a joke either, we are so obsessed with validating our lives that we have managed to convince ourselves that we have a purpose and must figure it out. Why though? Let's say, for the sake of argument, that we do each have a purpose, why bother asking what it is? You cannot change what it is, and there is little point to living your life to the fullest if you know you only have one thing to do in life. I don't think we each have an individual purpose in life, why? Because the idea just seems silly to me, why do we feel this constant need to prove we exist by having a goal we do not know or how to achieve it? "Why are we here?" Does it matter? No, not really as you can't do anything about it anyways.

"What about God? He gives me purpose." Well that's all fine and good, but even if God is in the picture I fail to see how that gives us purpose as individuals, even if he does "know my name and every thought" If your purpose is to serve God and tell the world about him, then are you really any different than a slave? Sure, you might be happy doing it but it seems like a bad deal to me...You can't change your future as God can see knows all, so if you are DESTINED to become a christian, and that is your purpose, do you believe out of choice? Or is it just an elaborate plan to make you think you do. I'd rather avoid all that to be honest as the thought isn't too pleasant. I don't think we should bother with it and live our lives how we want, and if by CHOICE you decide to live your life for Christ, then good for you, but I wouldn't call it destiny and be happy with it...

if there was one thing about life I could agree on is from a quote by Nietzsche:

- Art is the proper task of life

Well it's late and I hope I haven't offended anybody XD my mind is tired but it's definitely interesting to just write out thoughts...

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